Diabetes (frost)bites

Ranulph Fiennes the world renowned explorer had to put a stop to his planned expedition to Antarctica recently. He had planned to make the crossing during Winter, which had never been achieved before. But had to call the trip to an end for him, after suffering severe frost bite in his left hand.
Apparently prior to going out on the mission a medical consultant had told Ranulph that he might be on the verge of having Type 2 diabetes.
As we all know diabetes can have a real effect on the extremeties such as fingers and toes! But especially in conditions of -40° and below. Ranulph is still waiting to hear on whether his fingers can still be saved. But we're lucky that simple blood sugar tests/ control and regular check ups can help keep our bodies in good condition... fingers crossed!

If you also feel pain in your fingers or toes in cold conditions, don't forget you can get free testing at your local Boots


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