Don't Let Blisters Be the Hurdle that Stops You Running!

This might sound like a cliché, but the other day I wore some new shoes that I’d kindly been given for Christmas. I’d been saving them for a special occasion and the other week was just that day! I was going to London to work and knew I needed to be comfortable but stylish. These shoes were from a well known retailer, with a reputation for comfort and fashion. So I thought I’d be safe wearing them, they were also fairly flat. I travelled to London by coach, but by the time I got off the coach my heels were already in agony.

I had quite a bit of walking to do around London, getting on and off the tube before I reached my destination. But along the way I had to stop and buy plasters and special blister pads. Similar to a skin like texture the blister pads are supposed to act like a second skin to prevent chaffing. Supposed to be anyway, but they did nothing for me.
Although I had a great day, by the end of it my heels were in pieces with blisters from my shoes rubbing my feels relentlessly.

That day I got back home late from London so was unable to go to training, but suddenly I started dreading the next day. Explaining that I had blisters to my coach, so would be unable to train was not going to go down well. Besides which I was really annoyed about the shoes having had that effect, because I really do take care of my feet and I had purposefully chosen flat shoes in style for comfort. I should have known better than to worry however. I popped one plaster on each heel and then put on my Protect it socks and that was the last time I remember thinking about my blisters.

Despite the fact that I’d been struggling with them all day, my Protect it socks provided the barrier I needed to manage my running warm-up in trainers. I effortlessly managed my sprints in sprint spikes, which are not known for their cushioning but didn’t even bother me because of the socks. I was able to train for 2 hours and beyond without a spot of pain. I think it was the delicate padding in the heel of the Protect it sock that did the trick. It made all the difference that the socks are designed to keep your ankle cushioned and supported right down to your heel that’s protected. I only wish I could have worn my Protect it socks to London, as they’d have been perfect for walking miles and getting on and off tubes!


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