Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Body Shape

For a bride, there are so many important decisions that you need to make ahead of your big day to make sure that it's everything you imagined it would be. From choosing the venue and the photographer to picking the perfect colour scheme for the occasion, you just want it to be perfect. When it comes to choosing the dress however, I'm so grateful that help is at hand from my bridesmaids, with making the right decision. Picking your bridesmaids, is a relatively easy choice to make because they're the women in your life that have been always been there for you and they are the ones you want to stand beside you on the biggest day of your life. And as the bride, you want them to look beautiful on the day too, which includes choosing the right dress for them to wear. That will not only help them look fabulous by flattering their shape, but will make them feel confident too.

Coast Bridesmaid Dresses in My Colour Scheme

Recently I came across a great guide for bridesmaid dresses for every shape, that I thought was amazing. It not only shows how to choose a dress for the traditional body shapes such as apple, hour-glass and pear. But it also helps you select dresses for more modern figures including athletic and tall. Quite often when I've been a bridesmaid myself, the bride has chosen people from the different areas of her life. Some are friends that she's grown up with, some are family and some of the ladies have been related to the groom. As a result of which we haven't all been the same body shape, but on your big day, as a a bride, you want everyone to feel comfortable and look amazing regardless. The guide was designed by Coast, which is a well known evening and occasion wear retailer, that has been around for a while, so they know how to design beautiful dresses for women of all different shapes. I went into Coast this week, because they've got a number of stunning gowns that I think would suit my bridesmaids and are available in the perfect pastel tones that I had in mind for my colour scheme.

The Tall Physique Guide

When I take my bridesmaids into Coast to have a look at the dresses that I've seen, I'll be using what I've learnt from the guide to find the dress that's a perfect match for them. Some of my bridesmaids are quite tall, which the guide notes are ladies that are over a height of 5'' 6. So now I know to look for dresses that flow well, accentuating their longer body length. And that both v-necks and scoop neck styles would suit them really well, which is something that I hadn't considered before. So it's really opened up the options available for the dresses I might choose for my bridesmaids. Previously, I might have chosen their dresses based on colour and then looked at the design afterwards. But now I know what I'm looking for, I can do both!

The Athletic Body Shape Guide

I even plan to take the useful hints and tips from the bridesmaid dress guide for every shape for myself too, as I haven't found my wedding dress yet and one of the questions that keeps coming up for me is, which dress will truly fit my shape? As an athlete I have what the guide calls an athletic figure, which can be really tricky to dress for because I'm not very curvy, but I still want to achieve that feminine shape on my big day. Now thanks to the guide the next dresses that I try on will have a wider neckline because they work best with athletic figures. I'm also going to give a halter neck style dress a try, which is something that I'd been afraid of trying before as I didn't know how it would look. But now I feel more confident in shopping for my body shape. Which I think is what every bride wants for her and her bridesmaids on one of the biggest days of her life, body confidence and to look and feel fabulous.


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