Is 'Diabetic Chocolate' an Eggcelent Idea?

This good friday I went Easter egg shopping at a well known chocolate retailer, they were busy preparing for their big day on Sunday. And whilst looking at the chocolate available, I was reminded of the 'diabetic chocolate' I used to receive at Easter sometimes, as a child.

When I think back to not long after I was diagnosed at 13, my friends and family were pleased when they came across the 'diabetic' option chocolates at Christmas and Easter time. Some chocolates even claimed to be sugar free.

But the sweets did what they said on the tin. But the chocolates sometimes did put up my blood sugars, because of the amount sweetener that went into them. But both had a laxative effect on my stomach. Concerned that I wasn't eating the right thing, we asked my paediatric specialist nurses at the time for advice.

Their advice was, that in very small moderation normal chocolate was okay. Better to have a little bit of the real stuff, opposed to a lot of the fake. It is important for me to note, that everyone is different and this was the advice given to me personally. But whatever decision you make, make sure you have a lovely Easter!


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