Get Up Out of That Chair and Run 'Til You Feel Better!

As part of Diabetes Week 2013 I'm really grateful to have been given the opportunity to feature in today's Independent newspaper. The article gives a positive message about sport and diabetes, including the benefits of increased blood sugar control and diabetes management.

The interview is part of a larger supplement that also consists of Joe Pasquale the comedian whose daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few years ago, and tells of their day to day lives living with the condition. It features Baroness Barbara Young, chief executive of the charity Diabetes UK where she introduces this years theme for Diabetes Week which is research. There is a really interesting article from Sir Michael Hirst President of the IDF (International Diabetes Federation), where he states that if you took the amount of people with diabetes and made it into a country. It would be the third biggest country in the world after China and India, which in my opinion is an absolutely shocking statistic.

There are also some innovative articles about diabetes treatment into the future including islet cell transplantation, and also the current cutting edge treatments available for people with the condition that are available now. So the article is well worth a read, if even just from the angle of understanding what is being done for diabetes at the moment and what charities and organisations have planned for the future. However, as my blog 'Introduction into Diabetes Week' mentioned, research is what has gotten us to this point already. And research is what will lead us hopefully into a future without diabetes so look out for the next blog to learn more!


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