How to keep feet cool and dry abroad this summer

As sports men and women, those who love exercise might admit that whilst going on holiday is enjoyable. It's not always a time to have away from training. But the needs of your training apparel and footwear can often change, especially in hotter climates.

When I was at the IDF Europe camp in Italy, we were often doing sport in 30- 40 degrees heat. And with the types of sport that we were doing, it would cause you to sweat a lot. As you do when you do sport, you sweat out water in order to allow the heat to reach the surface of the skin and escape. And as I said, we were doing all kinds of sporting activities ranging from basketball, dodgeball and volleyball in a warm gymnasium to athletics and football outside. As well as my own training on the hot athletics track and in the sweltering weights room in the evenings. And for the activities I did, I chose to wear my Protect it socks.

And it was when I returned back to my dorm room after a hard days training that I noticed something. The floors in the dorm rooms were tiled, as seems to be the style in homes abroad. And what I noticed was that when I took my shoes and socks off and put my bare feet on the floor, they were bone dry thanks to my Protect it socks! So whilst the rest of me felt like it was melting, my feet were as fresh as when I had started exercising.

I believe that this was thanks to the bottom layer of the sock that draws moisture away from my foot. And the top layer that allows for ventilation. I was seriously impressed by this effect. Because so many of us that have been abroad have felt the discomfort of swollen of sweaty feet... but not me this trip!

Order some before you go away, and let your feet stay cool and dry in the sunshine!


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