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In March this year, Diabetes UK launched the 4T's campaign. The campaign was all about spreading the word about the symptom's of having diabetes. And spreading the word so that no one goes undiagnosed. When I wrote about the launch of the campaign, I told you a little bit about my own diagnosis and how the 4T's could really help to identify diabetes at an early stage. It's message ringing true to everyone who has diabetes or has been affected by the condition. It shows the importance of spreading awareness of what the campaign message stands for.

This brings me to a fun idea that Diabetes UK shared via Instagram today. Instead of just writing about it, why not make a video of your own campaign! The social media site Instagram- a place where you could previously only share photographs. But now it allows users to upload a 15 second video, so if you have a quick simple idea just share it on Instagram. If you need longer why not get to adding the video to YouTube, Vimeo or any video sharing channel you can think of. Just think how great would it be if we all shared a video; the 4T's message would spread far and wide and who knows - we may even go viral! But most importantly the message about the 4t's would be out there for all to see, understand and hopefully prevent late detection and diagnosis.

If you are still not sure what the 4T's are, here is a quick recap for everyone:

  • Toilet - Going more frequently than normal.
  • Thirsty - An increased thirst and never feeling like the thirst has been quenched.
  • Tired - Being more tired than usual.
  • Thinner - Noticeable weight loss or the appearance of looking thinner.

The diabetes online community or the DOC as it's also known, is growing at a fantastic rate. For me it was twitter that allowed me to connect with other people with diabetes all around the world. It was facebook that allows me to stay in touch with all of the wonderful people that I've met on my diabetes travels and it's Instagram that let's us share images of things such as our pumps and sets. The use of social media for people with diabetes is endless! And it's time we all got involved.

So what are you waiting for? et's get making videos and sharing them with Diabetes UK and the rest of the DOC. You can find them on Instagram - @diabetesuk or Twitter - @DiabetesUK and make sure you sure your videos with #4ts #diabetes #diabetesuk - can't wait to see you entries!


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