Cardiff Street Food Circus

As Summer approaches, there's something very exciting going on in Cardiff involving food... and the circus. Yes it sounds like an unusual recipe for an evening out, but some how it works, as we discovered when we visited this evening. Within Cardiff a troupe of talented performers make up the the No Fit State Circus, they're a residential circus, that has set up camp just outside the city centre. But what used to be an unused car-park next to the circus, for the next two months has become the home of the Street Food Circus.

To get to the Street Food Circus itself, you get to pass by where No Fit State rehearse their routines. Today it was the turn of the tight rope walkers, who were accompanied by a live band as the performers displayed their routine for the crowd to enjoy. There were also trampolines and acrobatic swings out, for the shows perhaps planned for later in the evening.

Walking into the Street Food Circus is like walking into a mixture of a circus-come-festival, located somewhere much more exotic than Cardiff. You're hit by the delicious smells expelling from the street food stalls and a wall of sound that's a mixture of Asian fusion sounding music, and the tinkling of bells that hang from the decorative umbrellas. As you walk further into the market, a great array of food and drink stalls surround a circus tent that's illuminated with lights and mirror balls.

The food stalls were a very upmarket, gourmet style of street food, many of which were offering food from locally sourced products. All different foods, from Indian to Mexican, British to Asian fusion that even included a stall from the Master Chef finalists Dale and Larkin who opened up their first restaurant Hokkei together in Cardiff. The Cardiff Street Food Circus is a really innovative way to celebrate this style of food that the city has to offer and in my opinion is a lovely way to spend a day or an evening this bank holiday weekend.


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