Diabetes UK Family Day's - South Wales

This is just a brief reminder that the last of this year's Diabetes UK family day's are happening a week tomorrow- on Saturday 28th September in Swansea in South Wales!

You may remember reading previously on the blog, that the first of the Diabetes UK family day's was held at Plas Menai sports facility in North Wales. And the day was action packed full of fun activities, talks and presentations for both young children, 'tweens and teenagers with diabetes and also their parents and siblings. New friendships were formed, fun was had and it was diabetes that brought everyone together.

The days are run by the charity Diabetes UK, I believe with the aim of helping educate young people with diabetes on how to manage their condition. And the very people helping to do this are those that have lived with diabetes for all their lives and or are newly diagnosed along with healthcare professionals. Some of the feedback we received from the last family day was that this was one of the big benefits from the event. That those in attendance were able to see  that despite the ups and downs of diabetes you can come out the other end unscathed!

This family event is to be held in the city of Swansea, South Wales at the De Vere Village Hotel near the sea and the day will consist of fun group activities in the morning. And exercises and group discussions for the children in the afternoon. And throughout the day for the parents are a series of interesting and what I'm sure will prove to be inspirational talks by healthcare professionals. You can join the event by private messaging Diabetes UK Cymru when you search for them on facebook or email familyevents.wales@diabetes.org.uk . Or for more information about the day in September of the previous events click here

Me with the some of the Young Person's Project Group that help facilitate the family day's


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