Use Reason This Flu Season and Have The Flu Jab

For those of us who have had diabetes for a number of year's, chances are you would have experienced how easy it is to pick up the cough's, cold's and bug's that people seem to carry with them during the Winter season. Whilst still in school especially it wouldn't matter how many time's I washed my hands, I would still manage to pick up some type of bug. Although I hope the hand washing at least kept some of the nasty bug's at bay.

As Winter is the time for bug's so is it the time to think about having the flu jab. It's a simple and I've found- relatively pain free injection that is important in the fight against influenza also more commonly known as the flu. Getting the flu jab is also known as the single most effective way of avoiding getting the flu. But as flu season lasts between October and April every year, then the vaccine has to be given every year too. People with diabetes are especially susceptible to catching the flu and find it equally as hard to shake off.

When people get the flu it tends to effect the upper respiratory airways and lungs and has been known to result in debilitating symptoms. Flu is also highly contagious and can easily be spread through coughing, sneezing and touching. And during the Winter many people tend to spend a lot more time indoor's often in close proximity to others. The real difficulty with flu is that as well as it's highly contagious is that the symptom's take 2-3 days to show themselves. And people are usually infectious a day or so before the symptom's start to show. And then continue to be infectious for the next 5 days, 6 in total.

I can only remember getting the flu once in the last couple of year's and it was between my previous flu jab wearing off and needing to get my next one done. The one thing I remember thinking was that the illness was so unpleasant, that I couldn't believe that all I had was the flu. My blood sugar's were so high before and during that despite having a fever I didn't have a single hypo. I experienced muscular pain like no gym session could prepare you for and it felt like there was a firework show going off in my head. Not to mention the terrible fatigue and headache's. And because of the diabetes it lasted a little longer than it would in someone who doesn't have the condition. As is the way with diabetes and trying to recover from thing's.

For people with diabetes we have a choice with regard to the flu jab, because after deciding to get one you can either go to your local GP to have it or you can go to your local pharmacy such as LLoyds Pharmacy for example. In recent year's because I work full-time and then usually go straight to training afterwards, I'm not always able to fit in with the appointment day that my local GP can offer. So I choose to do it on my own time by booking in with the pharmacy and popping along when it's convenient for me. And speaking of convenience you can even find out where your most local branch of Lloyds pharmacy is by entering your post code on they're website. When you've put in your post-code the site gives you a number of locations close to where you live, and even the phone number for the store so that you can call and book your appointment.

As people with diabetes we know that having injection's isn't always pleasant, but we manage them on a daily basis and this injection could be the difference of enjoying the holiday season out in the crisp Winter month's. Or it could mean being hauled up in bed with the flu for days on end, use reason this flu season. Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog on my experience of receiving the flu jab this year.

All advice given is that of my own experience, medical practitioner's are the professionals so always seek their help and advice for matter's regarding health.


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