The Warm Up for JDRF UK - Walk To Cure Diabetes Cardiff

JDRF are the juvenile diabetes research foundation and they're a charity that helps raise funds towards a cure for Type 1 diabetes. They also provide care and support for children with Type 1 diabetes and their families. Because sometimes having diabetes can be difficult, so if you can share experiences with other's going through the same thing then why not?

And this weekend is a fantastic opportunity if you have diabetes, know someone/ have a loved one who does or if you would like to help raise funds or awareness for the condition. Come on down to the ' JDRF Cardiff Walk to Cure Diabetes' event. The walk or optional run will be taking place in Bute Park in the city centre of Cardiff this coming Sunday 27th October. There is a 3km walk available for little feet too and then a 5km run available for big feet and fast feet. The event welcomes all ages from 1-100 with diabetes and without.

The JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes event is worldwide just like the charity, and famous faces such as boxer Sugar-Ray Leonard and Twilight Saga actress Kristen Stewart have both participated in the American version of the event. Sugar- Ray said he was keen to take part because his father has diabetes and the reason for the event was something close to his heart. Kristen Stewart I believe was pleased to be involved with a charity that helped so many young people. They won't be at this event, but it's nice to know so many people share in such a great cause.

People can start arriving for the Cardiff event from 9:45am before the big event. And of course as with any amount of exercise preparation is key, so there will be a big group warm-up before everyone sets of on their walk/ run. And that's where I come in! I'll be coming down to give a brief talk on the positive effects that sport and exercise have had on my life and my diabetes. And then I'll be starting the race with Danielle the event organiser! The activity itself starts at 11am.

JDRF have come up with a wonderful idea as well, that those who register before hand get a 'cause card' this is an opportunity to get creative! You can decorate your cause card however, you like (glitter is my preferred method but each to their own). It's also a great opportunity to write why you've decided to do the walk/ run or whom you may be doing it for. Or perhaps just the reason- that you want a cure, or you'd like to make new friends. Whatever you choose wear it with pride as it's also a great conversation starter in getting started speaking to the other people doing the walk.

If you are unable to walk, or would prefer to take in what will be beautiful autumnal surroundings there will be a walker's village available at the entrance. The main thing is that you're there to walk or take part in the race for a cure to diabetes, because life is a marathon and even if the cure takes a little longer to find. At least you can say you were part of it and that you made some wonderful friends along the way! Look out for next weeks blog on how it all went.

Here are some details to download about the event and a map of where the walk will be located.


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