Give The Gift Of Comfort And Protection With Protect It Socks This Christmas

When I think back, especially after I was diagnosed with diabetes in my teenage years- I was aware that friends and family were always at a bit of a loss as to what to get me for a present for Christmas. I don't believe I was difficult to buy for but back then when diabetes was new to me and to them, I know that they were worried about what to get me so as not to hurt my feelings or cause offence.

This was the case at Easter and Christmas alike, I think because they were celebratory times of indulgence in food especially chocolate. And many of us are acutely aware that people without the condition of diabetes believe that your diet becomes totally restricted as soon as your diagnosed. Certainly where sweets and chocolate are concerned or so they believe anyway. I remember in the build up to my first Christmas I was given a paper advent calendar that year instead of the chocolate filled kind, because we didn't know whether one chocolate per day might ruin my blood sugar readings.

With this in mind I believe there is a lot of patience and understanding required when you have diabetes, not for yourself but for the people around you who may believe they know your diabetes better than you do. For example, has anyone ever tried to stop you mid spoonful when your eating something you 'shouldn't be?' If I had a pound for every time someone asked me 'should you be eating that?' I would be a very rich lady. But as it stands I quickly pop it in my mouth before it can be removed!

But on the flip side and talking about presents, what happens when someone gets you a gift that you genuinely cannot eat? Everyone is different and so is their diabetes but for me it was 'diabetic' option sweets and chocolate that never quite tasted right, or that had a bad effect on my blood sugars. People meant well when this was given and had no idea of the effect it would have, especially as it's labelled as diabetic friendly. I was told when I was younger that a small amount of what I like in moderation was much better than large quantities of 'diabetic' product. But this can be a difficult concept to explain to someone who doesn't have diabetes as for them foods can be divided into 'can have' or 'can't'.

I can completely understand why a friend or loved one would want to buy a Christmas present that is going to benefit your diabetes. And for this reason my suggestion is to give a gift that is going to be useful, look good and be advantageous to diabetes management too. My suggestion is a pair or two of Protect it socks because diabetes wise they not only give a comfortable and compressed feel that can help with circulation. But they have a lovely soft build up on the sole of the feet that reduces the risk of causing calluses or blisters that can be detrimental to ones diabetes. It doesn't matter what age the person with diabetes is or whether they have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes Protect it socks are still a great gift to give. And now the days and nights are starting to get colder they're the perfect gift for the cold winter month ahead too. So give the gift of comfort and protection this Winter season by giving Protect it socks to your loved ones with diabetes.

And because there are many great colours and styles to choose from you can now give a Protect it socks gift card, and give the gift of choice as well as style and comfort this Christmas!


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