Hands Up Who Has Diabetes!

When I was first diagnosed with the condition I wasn't sure who to tell, when or how. But as my confidence grew with how I felt about the condition, so did the way in which I felt that I could speak about it. Until eventually I was happy doing talks and presentations, interviews and lectures. And now I believe that being able to talk to other people with the condition is a great and positive experience.

Social media has opened the door to allow so many people within the diabetes online community to speak to each other and share experiences. As I've mentioned before, there are so many options as to what kind of social media you can use to stay in touch. From Facebook for people you know well, to twitter for those you may never have met and Instagram to share images with anyone. But the problem is how do we identify each other? Obviously we don't all go about with our condition tattooed on our foreheads. And I know some people are unafraid to put their diabetes within their account name, some of them are really inventive too!

But your social media name serves many purposes and allows you to interact with other people, not just from the diabetes community. Along with a name you can often choose a picture. So thankfully in the task of identifying each other, someone has come up with the idea of placing a little blue circle  that can go into a profile picture. And as I mentioned in the blog 'Blue Circle - A Symbol of Diabetes' the blue circle is the worldwide symbol for the condition of diabetes. So if you've read any of the blogs on the importance of the blue circle, you'll know that World Diabetes Day is the perfect time to wear the badge with pride on your social media account. You don't have to have diabetes in order to wear it, you could put a circle up in support of someone you know/admire/love/support who has the condition. In celebration or in remembrance as long- just as you wear it with pride.

The blue circle symbol for social media is available from a great website called picbadges.com, it just takes a few clicks for you to add to your profile picture. If your feeling seriously creative or have a great idea, you can even create your own pic badge! And you could see if you can get it trending on twitter! Quite an easy process, but with all websites on the internet use caution and care when it comes to security and passwords. As an alternative, if you're familiar with a computer program such as paint you can always add the blue circle to your profile picture that way. There is also a symbol option available specifically for World Diabetes Day. But whichever symbol you use, wear it with pride this upcoming world diabetes day!


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