New Year! New Job!

This week was a big week for me, not only was it my week back at work but it is also my first day of a new job! Since I started blogging I've been working in the same job, so the preparation for the big event seemed like a good thing to feature. Because for someone with diabetes it's not as simple as arriving at work and not thinking about it. A lot of prior planning is involved, especially with the troubled weeks I've had with hypos and metres not working of late. (review on those coming soon)

The reason why I felt special preparation will be required on my part for my new job is that my previous job was a 20 minute commute. So if I needed or forgot anything diabetes wise I could either take a walk outside to the city centre or pop home. However, my commute now will be anything up to an hour or more so any diabetes stuff required needs to be readily available without having to travel back home to get it. So the first idea I came up with is an 'emergency box' that I can keep in the back of my car because I'll be driving to work, that will contain all of my diabetes essentials.

The first item into the emergency box was a spare blood glucose monitoring kit because as you might have read in the blog series 'Hypos and Hospitals', my previous monitor broke and without warning started giving false readings resulting in me collapsing from a hypo. So whilst I'll have one blood glucose monitor with me in my normal 'diabetes kit bag', I don't think it could hurt to have two! The spare blood kit is sealed and protected from moisture with blood strips too, and also a spare lancet in case my original one goes walk about. This machine can be calibrated every time a new pot of strips is opened too which is important as it may not be used regularly but an accurate reading is always required.

Next into my 'diabetes emergency box' are 5 of each spare part for my pump- this includes new sets, new cartridges but not spare insulin as it shouldn't be out of the fridge for too long. Also into the box are spare needles, sugary drinks and food and also a carbohydrate based snack in case of hypos. Although I'm sure not to have them whilst driving by testing before I set off for my journey. Over the years especially when it comes to sport I've learnt that preparation makes for relaxation as far as diabetes is concerned. I know I spend less time worrying when I have everything I need and have planned for every eventuality!


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