Protect it and Putting Your Best Foot Forward

People with diabetes have to look after themselves full stop. But there are specific areas of the body that having the condition, means that you have to keep a particularly close eye on and foot care is one of them. Diabetes UK has created a campaign called ‘Putting Feet First’ and it outlines how best to ensure not only why we should take care of our feet. But also what to expect from our healthcare professionals in helping us manage this care. This blog is full of information the current foot care situation and some helpful tips on how to put your best foot forward.

The putting feet first document from Diabetes UK mentions that the consequences of poor management of the feet in diabetes are considerable. If poor care is prolonged it can sometimes result in ulceration, ill health and sometimes in severe cases amputation. I learnt at the Diabetes UK Cymru conference that over 100 amputations a week are conducted because of diabetes related issues. The annual cost of which for health care agencies is estimated to be in excess of £1billion. But it doesn’t have to be this way, as early research has already shown that management of foot issues and incidence of limb loss can actually be reduced to 20% of its baseline level.

The document mentions that healthcare professionals can help people with diabetes manage their foot care health, with things such as regularly checking feet amongst other things. (This is a painless procedure that should be part of your regular hospital visits). Sometimes in diabetes we can all be guilty of waiting for a diabetes clinic appointment to act on our care management. But I’ve learnt that as it is our diabetes then it is within our power to do things to help manage our foot care independently, as well as working with healthcare professionals.

For example I have found that wearing Protect it socks, especially during times of high impact such as running, walking and weight lifting has helped in giving protection from blistering and comfort from the impact of the movement. Protect it socks keep feet at an optimal temperature by allowing excess moisture to be absorbed into the sock fabric and released from the surface. Especially in areas that sweat a lot. The last thing people with diabetes need is to get something like a fungal infection, because infections are so hard to get rid of anyway. And very unsightly with the summer months coming up! So take care, put your best foot forward and look after your feet by wearing Protect it socks.


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