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This weekend I had the pleasure of being a weekend newspaper reviewer again on BBC Wales Radio. I got the invitation a couple of weeks ago, but the time in between the call and being on air flew by. But it was a great experience and even better second time around!

As the show that I was on is the Good Morning Wales breakfast show, it made for an early wake up call that morning. But really the event begins in the days leading up and before. As I’ve found that it helps to understand in the build up to the event, what the big news stories might be. Initially I identified some key stories that I might cover such as the financial increase year on year in retail within the month of March, as I used to be a retail manager. Then another story that piqued my interest was about the tests that are being brought by mortgage lenders, for people who are looking to buy a house which is my predicament at the moment.

But when I got to the studio in the morning and took a look at the massive spread of papers, there were some even more interesting stories to cover. That morning I was sharing the radio hot seat with Gerry Toms, a very nice man who used to be the general manager of the Millennium Stadium- the massive rugby stadium in the centre of Cardiff. It was great to be on with someone so friendly as we were able to talk about our stories before hand to get a measure of what each would be about. This helped result in the fact that second time around doing the newspaper review, I felt much more relaxed and was able to enjoy the experience even more.

The stories I chose to talk about on air were firstly about a boy called Stephen who is a cancer sufferer and through the use of social media has managed to raise over £2 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The second story was about an interesting study from USA that showed that amongst 15-16 year olds, when they participate in charitable activities the likelihood of suffering from depression was decreased. This was something that I could really relate to through the voluntary work that I’ve done with young people over the years. In people with diabetes, sufferers are three times more likely to struggle with depression compared to if they didn’t have the condition. My third story was a funny one about people who drive big 4 x 4 vehicles, causing car parking companies to make the spaces bigger as a result of the car’s massive size. My final and fourth story was about a little girl who was 3 years old, but had 35 pairs of shoes! A girl after my own heart. Before I knew it the review was over, I loved the experience and am looking forward to doing it again soon.


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