IDF Europe Prizes in Diabetes

When you have the condition diabetes I truly believe that the people around you, who are there to lend their support and guidance when you need it. Make a real difference to how you feel about the illness. Sometimes it's the healthcare professional who has been there for you since your diagnosis, or the leader of your support group who gives up their time and never asks anything in return or even  someone from your local diabetes charity that deserves recognition. Well this is your opportunity to give something back because this year the International Diabetes Federation Europe (IDF Europe) are awarding two prizes in diabetes to reward excellence, innovation and commitment in diabetes.

Launched back in 2012 these awards aim at increasing awareness about diabetes and recognising outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of people with diabetes. The prizes will be awarded to a Young Researcher and a Long Standing Achiever. The winner will be rewarded €10,000 to donate to the diabetes charity of their choice, will receive an award plaque and a certificate along with €1,000 honorarium prize.

The winners of the IDF Europe Prizes in Diabetes will be notified by the Nomination Committee by October 15th 2014 and will be invited to take part in the prize ceremony to be held at the European Parliament in Brussels on the occasion of the World Diabetes Day celebrations on November 5th 2014. To apply with your nomination there is an application available from IDF Europe here. In addition to this a 500 word essay needs to be submitted on the individual or organisation being nominated. For the Young Researcher Prize a brief outcome of their basic/ clinical research will need to be written forming the basis of the application. The research should have been carried out at least in part, within Europe. If the research has been published then a copy of the publication should also be sent. (If yet to be published see IDF Europe site for details).

This is a wonderful opportunity to give something back to those that give so much to people with diabetes. So good luck with your nominations! I look forward to seeing who the deserving winners will be!

All applications are to be submitted to or by fax to +32 2 5371981 by 30th June 2014. (Please check the IDF Europe website for nomination restrictions and details).


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