Let Diabetes Week Begin!

I can't believe it's this time of year again, Diabetes Week has come around so quickly! Last year Diabetes UK's theme was science and research, but this year the theme is #iCan. Diabetes Week 2014 runs from the 8th June until the 14th June and will involve people both with and without diabetes sharing their stories through social media. The stories that they'll be sharing will all be about the positive message of what you can achieve, despite having diabetes or how they've been inspired by others who live with it but don't have it themselves. Stories like the story I shared with Wales Online where I feel that #iCan do sport.

My pledge for this year's diabetes week will be to release a blog everyday of the Diabetes Week itself, talking about what #iCan do despite the condition. I've chosen this as my pledge because sometimes diabetes can really get you down and the focus can so easily shift away from the positives to the negatives and the I can't. I also believe that sharing stories with others can really help spread a positive message about living with diabetes, helping us remind each other that we're not alone. But part of a big online commuting all tweeting/posting/hashtagging together #iCan!


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