Miami The Land of Sand, Sea and Sports Socks!

This year I've got many changes planned and feel like I haven't stopped since January so we decided to go away on a last minute holiday to Miami, Florida. Having booked three weeks before going it was enough time to be excited, but not too long to wait until we flew and before we knew it we were boarding the plane and on our way to the sunshine coast.

As you do, I'd been watching the weather reports before flying out and they'd shown that Miami was experiencing sunshine with showers and thunder and lightening. I remember thinking ooohh it'll be like a tropical storm- down pour for ten minutes solid and then sunshine the rest of the day. But initially this couldn't have been further from the truth because in the initial two days it poured down with rain and then changed into sunshine. Thankfully however as the week wore on the sunshine became a constant. So much so that we were desperate to feel the coolness of the air conditioning at some points!

Soon as we arrived the adventurer in me came out and no matter what the weather did, we were out exploring the city, walking the miles of sandy coastline, exploring the parks in Orlando upstate and making the most of being somewhere new. We did so much walking that I even adopted the American way of life ditching my fashion sandals and teaming my outfits with comfortable performance trainers and of course my Protect it socks, and they were brilliant! When the weather turned cooler before the storms started my feet stayed covered and warm because of the clever fibre technology within the socks. But when the sun came out and temperatures were heading north of 30 degrees my Protect it socks kept my feet cool and totally blister free. Despite spending over 10 hours on my some days whilst exploring the wonderful world of Harry Potter and Disney.

When you go on holiday the last thing you want to think about is your feet, but let me tell you that they'll be all you can think about when they're throbbing or rubbing against your shoes. We've all been there when your day is overshadowed by new shoes causing irritation. But not with Protect it socks and their clever technology keeping you warm or cool as needed! So make room in your suitcase for some Protect it socks and enjoy your Summer holidays where ever your adventures take you!


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