Diabetes in the Wizarding World

I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a massive Harry Potter fan and although this did not dictate my choice of holiday destination this year. It was definitely an added benefit that Universal Studios have an attraction called Islands of Adventure, where the attraction- Harry Potter and the Wizarding World is situated. Different to the UK version of the attraction, this Orlando based adventure is more for the thrill and experience seekers. I had a brilliant time at the there, but found that there were some tricky implications for my diabetes in the wizarding world, that had hilarious consequences.

It was a really hot day when we travelled from Miami where we were staying, to Orlando Florida, in order to visit Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. It was a really early start because the destination was 4 hours coach ride away, which meant a 5am start. This was a sacrifice I was more than willing to make however, as I've been a massive fan of Harry Potter since reading the books all those years ago and progressing onto the films. There are numerous things that appeal to me about Harry Potter, especially how seamlessly the 'wizarding world' blends into the 'muggle' (non-magical people) world, with nobody knowing that this whole other world exists. I think it's also probably the fact that I grew up alongside Harry Potter, being the same age as the characters when the books were released. So after entering the Wizarding World at Universal Studios and making our way through the attractions at Hogsmeade village, which included picking my wand, playing a game of Quidditch (the wizarding ball game on broomsticks) and exploring the snow topped buildings, it was time for lunch.

We decided to go for lunch at the Three Broomsticks - the famed place where Harry Potter and friends make plans and schemes in the films/ books. Created to be a majestic medieval/ British looking public house, it was where we made our way to the front of the lunch queue to order our food from the attendant dressed as a wizard. After ordering our main meal, the wizard/ till assistant asked what I'd like to drink. I then went through the usual routine of asking which sugar free drinks were available, explaining that I have diabetes, so as not to appear difficult. To which he responded that he wasn't sure but would check and what kind of drink was I thinking of? The first thing that came to mind was the old fail safe- a diet coke.To which he responded...

"I'm afraid you'll need to choose something else, as there are not Coke products in the wizarding world"

Of course, I thought! Despite the Hogsmeade inspired surroundings, I'd almost forgotten where I was! Although I did have a quick side thought as to whether there would be any diabetes in the wizarding world, with magic available and all. But from his response I assume that there would be, because as any Harry Potter fan knows, magic can't fix everything.


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