Diabetes Discovers Poland - Tourun

Sometimes living with diabetes can make you feel like you can't do some of the things that you enjoy.
So I do my best not to let having the condition stop me by making the most of every experience and new discovery. Travelling to Poland for their Diabetica Expo 2014 was no exception because thanks to my fantastic host and fellow IDF Young Leader Martyna, I was able to see much of the beautiful landscape that both Tourun where the conference was held, and Bydgoszcz- Martyna's home city had to offer.

The Statue of the Raftsman (a Polish version of the Pied Piper fairytale)

Martyna and I at the Cosmopolis Fountain, Tourun

The Colourful Square in the Old City of Tourun

Martyna And I With The Tourun Donkey


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