Feet are for life, not just for Christmas!

As you will know if you read the blog regularly, diabetic foot care is something I take very seriously both as an athlete and as a healthcare advocate. An ideology shared with Wales’ leading podiatrists too, as I found in the most recent Diabetes UK Wales Advisory Council for diabetes meetings. I have it on good authority that Diabetes UK are going to be working hard within the next year to try and reduce the amount of amputations that occur amongst people with diabetes because it’s a problem that is especially prevalent amongst type 2 diabetics. A problem that can often begin with poor blood sugar control and a lack of foot care.

I met quite a few people with type 2 diabetes when I attended the Cantorion Creigiau Choir Concert the other weekend in aid of JDRF UK, at which I found a fabulous new use for my Protect it socks. Although I wear them all the time during sport, they’ve also got a great use during day to day life too. Before attending the concert I bought some new black boots for the occasion. I know... I should have known better than to wear new shoes to an event where I would be standing and sitting throughout. But who can resist? Worried they might pinch my feet a little and not having had time to wear the shoes in at all. My first thought of course went to my black Protect it socks, great with winter boots too, they are thick enough to prevent blisters but thin enough for wear without making feet over heat. As that can often be another problem this time of year, you go out for a brisk winter walk and so don some wooly winter socks. But a few meters down the road and your feet are sweltering, making the remainder of the walk uncomfortable. My Protect it socks were comfortable to stand in all night however and with anti-moisture properties there was no fear of overheating!

They're a great stocking filler idea for someone you know who has diabetes, allowing them to treat their feet with comfy socks. Protect it socks are especially good for people with the condition because designed with podiatrists and engineers, they're soft, comfortable and are able to fit to the shape of your foot. They're seamless which is important because seams are one of the things that can often lead to discomfort and foot care issues, when left to continuously rub against the foot. There are two divisions of Protect it socks to choose from for your stocking filler present- therapeutic or comfy. I've tried both and love them, so your lucky gift recipient will receive the gift of a little help with diabetic foot care this festive season, because good feet are for life and not just for Christmas!

Protect it socks - Great Stocking Fillers


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