Diabetes Discovers the London Lights

This year I will be spending some time in London with family over Christmas and so today we decided to venture out into the heart of the city, to see what festive lights and delights were on offer in the city. I'm a big fan of Christmas and this is such an exciting time of year when families come together to celebrate the special day, that we wanted to take in some of the festive atmosphere this Christmas eve!

The Christmas Tree at Covent Garden Market

We started the afternoon at Covent Garden, somewhere I've loved visiting ever since I was a little girl, because I loved seeing all of the performers entertaining the masses. But I'd never seen their festive light offerings before. It was a real treat however, as the decorations were a mixture of traditional, with towering Christmas trees surrounded by twinkling lights, baubles the size of a car and and candy canes lining the rows of shops. But there was also a fantastic modern twist to the festivities in the form of a life sized display by Lego, of Santa and all of his reindeers! It was absolutely amazing and must have taken weeks to create. The children loved it and there was a huge queue to climb on board the Lego slay and for people to have their picture taken.

Lego Santa and His Reindeer
Not far from where the Lego Santa was located, was the National Opera House, who had a really creative display of red ballet shoes in the shape of a heart in their lobby.

The Ballet Hearts

One of the other things I love about London is the way that you think that everything is really far apart because of the size and magnitude of the tube network. But a lot of places are more closely located than one might think and so you can walk from one tourist attraction to the next and that's exactly what we did. Making our way from Covent Garden to Leicester Square where we enjoyed afternoon tea, and onto Regent Street. There were carnival rides and white lights lining the streets, that all of a sudden became wildly busy with last minute shoppers trying to grab some bargains before the big day.

Regent Street Christmas Lights

We then finished our tour of the London city lights in the old area of Carnaby Street, which in contrast went for a really modern Christmas decoration display of light-up moustaches with sunglasses and headphones. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but it was certainly different! After a lovely afternoon and plenty of exercise it was time to head home and wait for the man in the red suit to make an appearance, because of course I think I've been quite a good girl this year after all.

Carnaby Street Christmas Lights


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