Have You Had Your Elfie Selfie Taken?

Tesco Elfie Selfie

Have you had your elfie selfie taken? If you haven't already seen it, the elfie selfie initiative is a new one from supermarket chain Tesco and charity Diabetes UK. Located at many of the Tesco stores around the country, many will have a cardboard cut-out of an elf that you can stick your head in and get your friends and family to take a photo of you in. I had my elfie selfie taken whilst at the Science Live event that was held previously and as you can see, I made it onto the promotional poster (bottom right).

Once you've had your selfie taken, you can upload it to social media on Twitter or on Facebook using the hashtag #ElfieSelfie and or tagging Diabetes UK in your post. On doing this you then have the option to make a donation by texting the number in the poster above and the proceeds go towards the charity! It's a bit of fun and a great way to help raise funds for people with diabetes.


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