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February is a busy time for celebrations in Britain, with Valentine's Day coming up and pancake day not far behind. Many of us are spending time and money on getting that perfect gift for the ones we love for Valentine's Day. But this year the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) are asking that we show some love to our fellow people with diabetes in nation's that don't have access to the life-saving medication that we can so often take for granted in the UK, with their Spare a Rose campaign.

It is a sad fact and one that needs to change, that not all people with diabetes around the world have the access to insulin to treat their type 1 diabetes. As a result of which, lack of access to insulin is a common cause of death for children with diabetes in many countries around the world. IDF estimates that the life expectancy of a child who has just developed diabetes is less than a year in some areas. Also that many children die undiagnosed of diabetes and others through lack of insulin or lack of expert care. Put simply, this has to change. This Valentine's Day IDF are asking people to help show their love and care by supporting change, through the Spare a Rose for the Life of a Child programme.

The concept for the Spare a Rose Campaign is that on Valentines Day, instead of spending money on roses or flowers that will only last a few days. They ask that you spend money on something that could save a life instead. Or if that when you do buy your rose(s) for that special Valentine, you donate an equivalent amount to the campaign. IDF Europe suggest that the price of one rose = one month of a life and a dozen roses = one whole year of a life. There is no price that you can put on the cost of human life, so its a no brainer that giving up a rose, or a bunch of roses this Valentines Day is a small price to pay to help keep a child alive. Last years campaign raised $27,000 and this year the goal that IDF are hoping to reach is $50,000, by Valentines Day on February 14th.

Dr Graham Ogle, General Manager from the IDF Life for a Child Programme has this to say about the campaign;

On behalf of the IDF Life for a Child Programme, the centres in 48 countries that we help, and the 15,000+ children and youth with diabetes who are supported, we thank you for your help this Valentines Day. The funds will be used to provide blood glucose meters and test strips to children and youth in Africa, so that they can monitor their own condition, understand it, manage and prevent emergencies, and take control of their lives. Together we are transforming diabetes care in nations around the globe.

The way that the Life for a Child Programme works is simple, contributions from donors go to established diabetes centers, enabling them to provide the ongoing clinical care and diabetes education that children need, to stay alive. The specifics of the program are that they aim to provide sufficient insulin and syringes, blood glucose monitoring equipment, appropriate clinical care, Hba1c testing, diabetes education and technical support for health care professionals. Some centres require help for all of these things and some places just some. But all of the items are incredibly important to those who receive them, life saving in fact and thats why we need to help by sparing a rose and saving a child. You can find out more about the campaign by heading to the IDF website.


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