Top Tips for Wedding Planning with Diabetes

As I mentioned in my previous post about diabetes considerations when booking your wedding venue, there are some things to take into account regarding the condition, on your big day. Whilst taking a look at what information was out there for brides and grooms to be with diabetes I came across this great infographic, with some top tips to help with a successful big day. It's made of helpful hints and tips from DOC (diabetes online community) brides who have been had their big days and didn't let diabetes spoil it. I especially like the tip about having a 'designated diabetes helper' on the day that can carry your supplies and help remind you to test your blood sugars, as I don't know if too many wedding dresses have pockets! I also like the James Bond-esque hypo treatment holder hidden in the bride's bouquet in case of hypos during the ceremony, what a great design idea.



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