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Back in 2012 I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the International Diabetes Federation's Youth Leadership Camp in Tirennia, Italy. The theme of the camp was leadership, sport and diabetes and it was attended by over 20 different representatives from all over Europe. My room mate Stina and I had never met before, but within minutes I knew we'd be firm friends. Despite being from completely different countries, Stina's great sense of humour and her kindness made me like her immediately and of course we both share the fact that we each have type 1 diabetes. We've stayed in touch ever since the camp and Stina recently asked me to do an Instagram guest take over for the Swedish Diabetes Association to which she volunteers, and the UNG Diabetes Association - the young people's branch of the organisation.

The IDF Youth Leaders of 2012, in Pisa Italy
Young (UNG) Diabetes is an integral part of the Swedish diabetes association, that aims to help and support young people with the condition who are aged between 15 and 30. The youth element of the diabetes association aims to inspire and inform through facilitating local and national meetings. Because as Stina and I found out at the camp, when people with diabetes come together it doesn't matter about what makes them different. What makes us the same is the condition of diabetes and the experiences we live with because of it. The parent charity- The Swedish Diabetes Association is a non- profit organisation that aims to tackle the growing epidemic of diabetes that is sweeping the nation, by helping people manage the condition and support people with diabetes and their loved ones. They put their trust in a group of young people who run Youth (UNG) Diabetes and provide a fun opportunities and experiences for people with diabetes and their loved ones to come together.

Stina and Me on Camp in Tirennia
For those who aren't familiar with Instagram, it's a great, easy to use photo sharing site that enables you to write captions alongside it. So what I'll be doing over the next week, starting today, is sharing my diabetes story and experiences, the highs and the lows of having the condition for the last 14 years. If you'd like to follow all that's going on this week, my Instagram handle is @Torchbearer2012 or you can follow my feed on the home page (bottom right) and the handle for the Swedish Diabetes Association is @UNGDiabetessverige . We'd both love for you to get involved in our Instagram-fest by liking, following, sharing and commenting on the posts this week.

Diabetes on Track! IDF Youth Leadership Camp Italy 2012


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