Cruising On The Canal In Nautical Fashion

Today was my very first time on a barge boat, having never sailed on a canal before. After packing what diabetes supplies I thought I would need, the next biggest question was what am I going to wear? One of my favourite fashion styles is nautical and one of my favourite colours navy, so perhaps my outfit wasn't such a difficult decision after all! I also packed a shower-proof jacket, because this was Wales after all, so of course there would be some showers.

Land Ahoy!

As we had hired the barge boat for the day, we sailed it north, up the canal path at a speedy 4mph. But although that speed doesn't sound fast, it was actually the perfect speed to take in the beautiful scenery along the way. The barge boat journey was really smooth, and we were out for about 5 hours in total. Having only travelled on the sea by boat before, it sounds silly, but I wondered whether it would be choppy or not on the canal. But whilst the boat rocked from side to side, it was steady enough to take some good pictures of the meadows and fields that we passed along the way.

Nautical Fashion

I seem to be going through a phase of being accident prone at the moment and managed to bump head with the very low ceilings of the barge boat. Not very clever, as it made me sick and the shock dropped my blood sugars. But luckily I'd packed a sugary drink with me, as I knew there wouldn't be many (any) shops along the rural Welsh path. So a few sips of that and I felt a lot better. We were on our barge boat adventure as a Father's Day outing for my Father in law to be, ready for tomorrow. It was a lovely and relaxing way to spend the day, winding along the river. And I can completely see the appeal to people who choose to take weekends away on the canal!

Hello Sailor! My Outift Complete with Sailor's Hat
This is the outfit that I chose to go with for our nautical adventure and these are a pair of my favourite jeans. They're made by Topshop and in my opinion are the perfect mix between a thin denim fabric, with the right amount of stretch. Why is this important? Because I often wear my diabetes set in my hip and traditional heavy weight jeans used to be too painful for me to wear until I found these. They're heavy enough to look like jeans, but light enough to not put too much pressure on the needle of my set.

Beautiful Surroundings - The Wild Flowers at Goytre
Here's wishing a lovely Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there, including my own who help us navigate life, as well as our diabetes!


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