Getting My Wedding Cake And Eating It Gluten Free

This weekend my partner, Mum and I visited an Eternity With Love wedding fair held at the New House Hotel in South Wales. When we got engaged, someone gave me some really good advice about wedding fayres and that was, that each one is generally organised by a different organisation. So in theory if you go to ones held by different promoters, you'll have the opportunity of meeting different businesses which will help you pick the perfect flowers/ dress/ cake for your big day.  As opposed to seeing the same people every time. Well, this was a new one for us and it certainly paid off in terms of inspiration and finding great people to help us with our wedding.

The wedding fayre had about 30 different stalls ranging from doves to release after you say your vows, florists, a characaturist who can draw your guests in under 5 minutes and wedding singers. We were drawn to one of the cake stands with a beautiful iced bird cage atop of it, surrounded by ornate flowers. Other cakes included nature inspired woodland wonders, cupcakes inside tea cups and the best little people figurines that I've seen in our months of wedding fayre-ing! But what came as the best surprise was when I asked the owner of the stand whether she happened to make gluten-free cakes... she said yes.

Well I nearly fell over when she said that she did and that her husband had coeliac disease too. The wedding cake lady said that she couldn't believe how much extra money people in the wedding cake business charged for cakes that were gluten-free. Which aside from being prepared in a gluten-free environment just involved exchanging wheat flour for gluten free, which had a price difference of a couple of pence, not hundreds of pounds. I just couldn't believe it, because I had been worrying about not being able to enjoy my own wedding cake if it wasn't made gluten free. As the last thing I wanted was for stomach to bloat and to feel sleepy and nauseous in my wedding dress and on our wedding day.

But nor did I want my guests to have to eat gluten-free where cake was concerned if they didn't need to, as the cake lady said that the gluten-free flour could affect the colour of the cake, especially where chocolate is concerned. So what my partner and I agreed was that we would have a three tier cake, with the smallest top tier in gluten-free lemon drizzle and the other layers sponge and chocolate in not gluten-free. The moral of the story, don't be afraid to ask the question when it comes to your special day, it's little things like this that can help take away the big worries for the day.


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