'Reigning Over' The BBC Radio Wales Newspaper Review

This morning I think I may have even been up before the lark, to make my way to the BBC Radio Wales newspaper review on the Good Morning Wales show. It's something that I enjoy doing on a regular basis, but this morning was especially fun as it was with two female presenters; Charlotte Dubenskij and Louise Elliott. There were also athletics-related stories covering many of the front pages of today's papers, so there was plenty to talk about.

As part of being asked on the show, you're allowed to choose the stories to discuss on the program during the newspaper review piece. So the stories that I chose for the first of the two shows were about a new health study that suggests that the time that young people and children start school should be dictated by their age so as to allow them to get the most of their day. Which was pretty topical with everyone starting back to primary and high school in the last few days. The second story was about the apparent accusations made in Parliament lately that suggest the possibility that marathon runner Paula Radcliffe's blood test results were abnormal, whilst she was gaining her marathon titles. The point that I wanted to make about discussing this story is that what happened to innocent until proven guilty? As Radcliffe hasn't actually been found to have been doping, however the fact that her name has been associated with these accusations could tarnish the reputation that she's been working hard to build throughout her career. The other issue that I have is that the recent World Athletics Championships, in my opinion, were greatly overshadowed by actual doping cheats. Who unlike Paula had been found guilty and were back racing after a ban, and I don't think that these types of stories in the press do anything to help encourage young people who wish to get involved in the sport.

The second newspaper review that went out at 7:40am was a bit lighter, as I was able to talk about the current Queen breaking the 'reigning' record for the length of being on the throne. About the queen of baking Mary Berry and about how much I'm looking forward to tonight's episode, although it'll have to go some to beat last week's 'Free-from' episode! Then we finished on an hysterical story about two brides who stood in their wedding dresses for over 58 hours, to see who could stay there the longest in order to win their dream wedding. In the time that they spent together in the shop window, the two brides became friends and ended up inviting each other to their wedding! I hope to be back on the radio in a few weeks time, but if you missed today's show or would like to listen again, you can listen here.


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