St. Fagans Food Festival 2015

Food Festival This Way

This weekend we attended what we think was the very first St. Fagans Food Festival. St. Fagans is a museum of Welsh life for those who haven't visited there before. It's somewhere that I've been going since I was little, when I visited with my school on trips we dressed in old fashioned clothes to see what education was like back in the early 20th century. And as an adult I've often enjoyed wandering around the manor house, grounds and historical Welsh buildings set in the backdrop of the countryside.

As you can see from some of my previous blogs we've been to a few food and drink festivals over the Summer, but this was one of the best because it was the most relaxed and the most authentic. Although it wasn't a huge event, the stands and stalls that had been invited to attend were well selected as there were no two the same. But there was still plenty of choice available for where to eat, so we decided on the Samosa Company from which we enjoyed a stunning gluten-free chicken curry and rice. That we enjoyed eating whilst sat on hay bales under a big acorn tree, which is exactly what Summers are made for!

There were also general food stalls selling everything from honey and Welsh cakes to hand made chocolates and cider. Alot of the produce was made in Wales, so it was a great event to see Welsh produce being promoted. We then walked off our food by wandering around the spacious grounds, in the sunshine, and finished off our afternoon in the manor house with a cup of tea.

It was a great family event which was made better by the new farm house attraction that had been opened since the last time I'd visited, which has real animals for children to see and learn about. They were fascinated by the dairy cow (named Fairy) being milked, and that was accompanied by her calf. Which was another detail that made the St. Fagans Food Festival so good and an event that I'm looking forward to attending next year.


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