And It's Lights, Camera... Action For Type 1 Uncut!

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending a few days with a great group made up of young people, in order to film the next series of #Type1Uncut videos for Diabetes UK. For those people who haven't seen it all before, #Type1Uncut is a Youtube channel devoted to videos made by young people on the topics affecting young people with type 1 diabetes. We cover a whole range of topics from diabetes and sport to just having a good old rant to camera about the condition.

The day started at Nonsense HQ, who are a web development team based in Bethnal Green in London. Where new faces and old faces met to get to know each other and to get planning on the next series of videos. We split into two groups and whilst the other group were working on a video on making brownies in the kitchen. The group I was in went to the Nonsense boardroom and started sharing ideas for top tips to into a video for employers to follow, when faced with managing someone with diabetes in the workplace.


The thought sharing process was a great opportunity to share experiences of diabetes and working, so once we'd gathered our top tips, we got to filming the video. One of the innovative things about the way we film is that it's all done on everyday technological devices such as phones and tablets. So we divided the filming rolls between the team, who decided that two other participants and myself should introduce and conclude the video. When we started filming we even got to use a professional clapperboard, to write down the different takes for the shots to be edited later.

Following on from filming the introductions, each member of the production team then took it in turns to talk about one of the diabetes and employment tips we'd come up with, within our board room meeting. It was a really supportive atmosphere to film in and there was some seriously good team work going on. So we flew through the filming process and went onto learning a little bit about film editing software before it was time to head home. It was an enjoyable experience to be involved in filming this weekend, but I also hope that you'll have an enjoyable experience watching the films when they're released too!


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