Hypo Havoc at 20,000 Feet

Earlier today it was my pleasure to be traveling to Milan in Italy ahead of the ATTD - Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes conference. As my local airport is a small one, I needed to fly via Amsterdam in order to get there. Which wasn't a problem, as the first flight had been fine, which got me to Amsterdam's Schipol airport. However it was a quick transition time to the next flight and I had to dash through the airport to ensure I made my connecting flight to Milan.

After take off, I felt a little vibration on my hip that was my MiniMed 640g/ enlite sensor telling me that thanks to my airport dash, my blood glucose levels were dropping. Although I carry dextrose tablets anyway, I'd managed to grab a bottle of Lucozade at the airport, so thought it would be a good idea to have a few sips of that, before having the sandwich that I'd brought with me.

Not thinking, I opened the bottle of Lucozade after take off, and it went everywhere! All over me, pooling in my lap, onto my seat and even onto the poor person next to me. After getting over the initial shock, and making sure the lid was screwed back on tightly, I couldn't help laughing at my silliness. I wasn't laughing so much at having a wet bum for the rest of the journey. But it was a lesson that I won't be forgetting or repeating in a hurry!


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