BBC Radio Wales - Talking Marathon Running And Headlines

This morning I was invited onto BBC Radio Wales to give my thoughts on the day's headline stories in the news. However, it was one of the most enjoyable shows that I've done so far, because we also got to talk about marathon running and the IAAF World Half, with record holder Steve Jones.

In the green room waiting to go live on air, Steve was kind enough to answer my questions on what his training routine was like when he was at his peak. Telling me that he used to train 2 or 3 times per day during the week. But that this was when the hard work was done, and that the weekends were all about the long recovery runs. All of which added up to an average mileage over in excess of 100 miles covered per week.

Me pictured with some of the famous feathery friends featured on BBC TV

There were also some really interesting stories in the papers today, ranging from those on Mo Farah whom I met yesterday, ahead of his race in the Cardiff half. To that on J.K Rowling and how she tweeted her rejection letters to fans, received from publishers when she was writing under her alter ego Galbraith. The other story I chose to talk about was that on a recent press release from Public Health England on new dietary guidelines to tackle obesity.

The atmosphere was brilliant in the studio, with the banter flowing between presenters Peter and Mai, making the show, as always, a pleasure to be part of!


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