Guilt Free Indulgence - Oppo Ice Cream Review

Surely, guilt free but indulgent ice cream must be a thing of dreams? Well I can tell you, from my Oppo Ice Cream review that I've been doing over the past few weeks, that it's yummily possible! The brain child of fitness fanatics/ creators Charlie and Harry, who wanted to bring ice cream that tasted good, without the guilt that (if we're honest) usually follows great tasting things. Hence the name Oppo, which stands for the opposites which represent combining health and indulgence in ice cream.

The ingredients used to make Oppo ice cream are all made from natural resources, including stevia leaf and erythritol that are natural sweeteners, contributing to a low sugar and calorie content per scoop. I had the pleasure of trying 3 delicious flavours; Madagascan Vanilla with a hint of BaoBab (38 calories), Salted Caramel with a hint of lucuma (38 calories) and Mint Chocolate Swirl (43 calories) with a hint of spirulina (favourite!).

Mint Chocolate Swirl with a hint of spirulina and chocolate sauce heart

Part of my training routine in terms of food, is to eat when I've returned from training in the evening. But having my evening meal so late often means I'm a bit divided on whether to have dessert or not, because I don't want to risk having anything too sugary and get raised blood glucose levels overnight. I found the Oppo Ice Cream quite refreshing post-workout, and whilst there is depth to the flavours, they don't taste heavily dairy like other ice creams. But the vanilla especially, did have that creamy/ vanilla flavour that reminds me of summer. 

Madagascan Vanilla with a hint of BaoBab, and gluten-free chocolate cupcake

There's the added benefit of their low sugar content, when compared to two scoops (80g) of regular vanilla ice cream which has 16g of carbs. There is less than 10g of carbs for the same portion of the Oppo flavours, which is amazing really considering that this could be your whole dessert. And having carb counted correctly and blood glucose tested before bed, I didn't see any kind of spike in levels when I've eaten them. I also gave the vanilla flavour a try as part of a fruit smoothie, which blended well with the banana and strawberries added, and tasted lovely with a fruit garnish too (pictured below). 

 Salted Caramel with a hint of lucuma, and banana, cranberry and blueberries

I think the concept of guilt-free Oppo Ice Cream is very clever, especially from a nutritional point of view, because many of the 'hints' added not only add flavour, but a micronutrient component too. If you'd like to give them a try for yourself, Oppo Ice Cream is available online, from Waitrose, the Co-op and other high street retailers.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog, Oppo Ice Cream provided me with free samples that I decided to try and write about.


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