Defeating Diabetes At Xcaret

Yesterday felt like an incredible win in the fight against diabetes because I managed to complete a 2km swim, in the heat, at an adventure land in Mexico called Xcaret. 

It felt like an amazing sense of achievement because I haven't swam any kind of distance since I was a child. So to swim that far, through underwater rivers and caves felt amazing! Perhaps most importantly too, I didn't have a single hypo the whole swim, despite the physical exertion. 

But that's doesn't mean to say that I didn't take precautions before going into the water for my diabetes. I got my blood glucose levels a little higher before starting and I tested again before heading into the water. I also carried, in a waist belt, Gluco tabs and Gluco juice, which wonderfully come in waterproof tubes. I didn't need them, but the glucose tablets and juice inside stayed completely dry.

Not worrying about my diabetes, the swim itself was simply incredible. In our life jackets and flippers we wove through the winding rivers, negotiating the small and large caves and caverns. Stopping every now and then to wonder at the underground waterfalls and the breaks in the land above that let light through. The whole journey I felt comfortable and controlled with my CGM on, knowing that it would suspend if it needed to.

But this wasn't the only adventure that we had today! We also did a tree top canopy bridge climb across the jungle. Surrounded by birds of paradise the bridge swing unstabley beneath our feet, but we made it to safety, and went onto the next adventure! 


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