Divas And Diabetes

Recently Cardiff was the lucky city to play host to one of the world's biggest, and in my opinion best, music artists as Beyonce Carter-Knowles came to town for her Formation tour. Initially I hadn't been planning on going, as I hadn't managed to get a ticket when they all sold out quickly on release. However, thankfully some last minute ones became available so that we could go along and hear one of the best live artists I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

The concert was held in the Millennium stadium (Principality), which is usually the city's sporting hub, and seats 72,000 people. Which on this night, were tens of thousands of screaming and dancing fans. After grabbing a bite to eat, we made our way over to the stadium, but before we could answer, we needed to do security checks, including my handbag. Now you know what it's like for a person with diabetes and her handbag, it's full of diabetes supplies and sources of glucose in case of an emergency. So the person that was searching my bag spotted these, and politely asked me to get rid of the things I wasn't allowed.

Unfortunately for me, these were essential diabetes supplies, so I did my best to explain that I had type 1 diabetes and that I would only be using them/ opening them in an absolute emergency. 'No problem the man said, I completely understand, have a good night', and that was it. We passed through security and went to find our seats. But that simple act of kindness and understanding had made my night, because so often, people think only of the black and white of the rules. Which of course I understand that we must follow for safety reasons.

But this man had seen my genuine need, and instead of kicking up a fuss, he trusted me to manage my condition safely and effectively. Which was what enabled me to get on with singing and dancing at what turned out to be an incredibly energetic concert, without the hypo worry in the back of my mind!


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