Novo Nordisk Patient Reference Group Meeting

I recently blogged about my first meeting when I joined Novo Nordisk in London to form part their Patient Reference Group. Well today it was our first meeting since forming the name/ group officially and it was a pleasure to join some friends with diabetes and Novo Nordisk in the city to talk diabetes.

The top topic on the agenda today was diabetes innovation, in terms of the things that we as people with diabetes would like to see in the future in order to help us best manage our condition. Some of the items that came up from the sub-groups we split into were how we would like a more joined up approach between the healthcare departments that look after us. In my own experience they do such a helpful job, but it would be great if everyone from the pharmacist that dispenses our medicine to the specialist consultant that prescribes it were connected with our notes.

Jai from European Diabetes Group DYA and I

We talked about the value of social media amongst the diabetes community, and how we use it as a tool to connect and stay in touch. We also spoke about the importance of access to technology and how valuable it is when it all speaks to each other and can be uploaded/ downloaded online. The meeting was very interesting and engaging and really got us to think outside of the diabetes box.

There was a delicious spread too (which always helps gets the creative juices flowing!)


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