On Track for Performance with Euroleathers (Pedag, Collonil & Sil Protect)

Last week I was kindly sent a range of performance products to try from the guys at Euroleathers. I've tried their insoles before, so it was a great chance for me to put their newest range to the test at the track. The items that I was sent to try included two pairs of insoles, one of which was designed for energy and the other for power, which are both elements that I require from my feet within my training regime. Power is so important for a sprinter, to be able to produce speed from the track. As the aim of my event is to spend as little time in contact with the track as possible, but making that ground contact count and use it to propel you into the next step. Contrastingly, every session requires energy to get through, but more so within the speed endurance sessions that we do. I was also sent SIL Protect, which is a liquid used to prevent friction, in addition to Pedag shoe deodorant and Carbon Pro spray-on fabric protection.

Firstly I'd like to speak about the Energy and Power insoles that I tried, the sizing of which was true to size, for those people looking to give them a go. The fit around the foot on both styles was beautiful. To look at both insoles appear to curve around the arch and heel, which makes for a molded fit, to the point where the insoles feel tailored to my foot shape! I would note that the difference between the two styles is that the Power insoles feel slightly firmer and thinner, so that when I ran with them there was more of a spring-board response from the ground, which I really liked. I think the Power insoles will also be good for weight lifting and for team sport positions that require speed, such as out on the wing in rugby, football or hockey.

Pedag POWER - RRP £34.95

Whereas the energy insole feels more cushioned, and whilst running I found that it absorbed some of the force of impact and transferred it to me, to be able to spring from stride to stride. I have very flat feet, so was well suited to the high arch option of the Power insole, but there is a medium arch option available too. In terms of technology, this insole contains EVA foam, which I know from my own knowledge working for some of the world's biggest sporting brands, is a material often found in high performance trainers, and it showed in the insole's performance. There's also a stabiliser layer within the insole, which aided my over-pronation, along with the arch height, providing a stable platform from which to produce power for sprinting. The Energy insoles do contain both of these elements, however, there is an additional shock absorber layer. The Energy insole, in my opinion, would be great for long distance runners and triathletes for that little something extra whilst covering the distance.

Pedag ENERGY - RRP £34.95

I have found in the previous few days, that the hot weather that we have been experiencing has been extending into the evening, during the time that I train. Which has the effect of making the track pretty hot to run on. The socks I wear transfer perspiration from my feet into the surrounding area, which of course means that my trainers and spikes especially aren't as fresh smelling as I might wish. I've had my running spikes for over a year, using them at the sand dunes, on track and on grass. This provided the optimum opportunity to try the Pedag Shoe Deo, the smell of which was very fresh, light and airy when I used it. It did cover the smell that was already present in my shoes, as I believe in terms of science, the odour causing particles are neutralised when the spray particles bind with them.

Pedag Shoe Deo - RRP £5.95

In relation to my training spikes, I was particularly intrigued to try the Collonil Carbon Pro spray, because I've never come across a product like this, that can work on sportswear, including apparel. I tried it on my spikes and was amazed by the way the spray comes out clear, but manages to cleverly coat the fabric in a film, that isn't heavy, so dries quickly but creates a waterproof barrier. Training in Wales and also training outdoors means that the majority of my sessions are done in the rain, as is the case for so many other sports. Also for water-proofing day-to-day products such as coats, bags and shoes, all of which the Carbon Pro could be very beneficial. I know I'll be continuing to use it to touch up some of my older wet-weather gear where the waterproofing it originally possessed has started to fade to help rejuvenate them.

Carbon Pro - RRP £12.95

Whilst many sportswear items of clothing are designed ergonomically, they are also very streamlined, especially I find in sprinting. But sometimes that close and tight fit can cause chafing and discomfort. One problem area for me is around my arms and chest where my sports bra and vest top cling tightly for support. So I decided to try the SIL Protect roll-on gel in this problem area. The formula came out easily, but in a thin enough layer that the consistency wasn't globuley or thick, which helped create a film of protection on my skin. I forgot that I was wearing it during my session, but realised afterwards how much time I would normally spend in a session readjusting the position of my clothes for comfort, which I didn't do whilst wearing SIL. Although suitable for people with diabetes, I also think this would be a product especially well suited to cyclists and long distance runners. Who do high volumes of training and need to perform long periods of time unhindered by discomfort, so that they can be hopefully free-from blisters wounds created from the rubbing!


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