Talking Diabetes And Technology With Medtronic At Cambridge University

Last month I had the great honour of presenting and speaking with health care professionals at Girton College, Cambridge. It was a dream come true, to not only be at the magnificent college, steeped in history. But the fact that it was having diabetes that brought me to be there, was even more wonderful.

Girton College, Cambridge

I was invited to the college by Medtronic, my insulin pump manufacturers, to talk about my experiences of living with the MiniMed 640g, and more specifically, using Enlite sensors. For those people who haven't seen me tweeting about the new technology before, the way that the sensors work is very innovative indeed. The Enlite CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) sensors not only track what is going on with my glucose levels, but they also predict and subsequently suspend the pump when glucose levels are falling quickly. The sensors also warn me of blood glucose spikes too, giving feedback on the insulin pump screen itself.

Through the Stain-glass Window at Girton College

There were over 50 diabetes healthcare professionals in attendance at the event, ranging from specialist nurses to doctors and consultants. All of whom in the afternoon, divided into groups, so that alongside a mum of a teenager with type 1, we were able to deliver a real life perspective of this type of healthcare technology. Which will hopefully in turn, help the HCPs connect with their patients on the use of diabetes technology, that could make the same difference to their lives, as it has to mine.

King's College, Cambridge

My time spent in Cambridge made for an incredible experience, as I also enjoyed my time exploring the city itself. As the birthplace of so much inspiration, I was inspired by the incredible commitment to care and passion shown by the lovely HCPs that I met. I hope that I was able to convey the difference that access to the right diabetes technology can make to everyday life with diabetes.



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