Festive Food Idea Day 2 -Fruit Christmas Trees

Today's 'Festive Food Idea' is a really fun one, with only one ingredient, takes minutes to prepare and helps towards achieving one of your five a day - it's Watermelon Christmas Trees!

Makes 9 small trees


- 1/4 watermelon


Decorative edible Christmas trees (available from some supermarkets)


1. Take your quarter melon (or carefully cut a whole into four and refrigerate spare melon) and slice into approx. 1cm thick slices (little helpers will need an adults help for this)

2. Use a Christmas tree cookie cutter and position its 'base of the tree' in line with the green skin of the watermelon, and on a flat surface push the shape through the watermelon

3. Repeat the process for the desired amount of Christmas trees

-Additional serving ideas-

Freeze the watermelon Christmas trees and add to drinks to make a beverage with a twist

Melt some Christmas chocolate and when slightly cooled drip the trees in for a chocolatey treat (little helpers will need an adult's help for this)


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