Festive Food Idea Day 4 - Banana Penguins

Today's 'Festive Food Idea' are banana based penguins!

Each medium - large sized banana makes two penguins


- 3 medium bananas
- 75g cooking chocolate
- Orange, white chocolate and brown chocolate icing pens
- 6 orange coated chocolates

Method (Little Helpers will need an adult's help with this)

1. Break the cooking chocolate into chunks and place in a glass or heat proof bowl

2. Warm some water in a pan, size smaller than the chocolate bowl so they won't touch

3. Melt the chocolate and stir regularly until chunks have disappeared

4. Peel bananas and carefully slice each banana in half

5. Push a stick part way into the centre of the banana, far enough for it to be secure, but not so that it exits the banana breaking the flesh

6. Dip the top of the banana in the chocolate (for the penguins head) and roll just half of the banana in the chocolate so that the flesh is still showing at the front

7. Position the banana flesh down onto a plate to cool and dry

8. Once dry use icing pens to decorate penguin's features

9. Use orange coated chocolates, split in two for the penguin's feet and use melted chocolate to stick to the base of the banana


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