T1 MeetUps And The Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor

I've been running the support group that I set up; Blue Circle Diabetes, for 4 years now. Connecting with the diabetes community online and in person with social catch-ups in the Cardiff area. However, I have recently decided, along with a fellow type 1 Meet Up facilitator and friend, to merge with another meetup group for people with diabetes, to be able to deliver twice the support to people with diabetes. We recently had a joint trial meet-up at Zero-degrees, a restaurant in Cardiff and had a great turn out from people with type 1 diabetes and their loved ones. I've always said that when people with diabetes come together great things happen, but whilst I believe that anything is possible for us. I wasn't quite expecting this...

Making my way to the bar for a diet coke with some of the other members of the group, a man approached me and asked me what the tubing I was wearing connected to my arm was. It was a warm day, so I was wearing a camo vest and my insulin pump set was in my arm and therefore on show in all its hot pink glory. Looking at the man with confusion, I told him that I was wearing an insulin pump. He then asked about my friend Ros, the wonderful type 1 whose group Blue Circle will be merging with, about her device in her arm that happened to be a Libre sensor. So with both our interest piqued, the gentleman then went on to explain that he and the team sat nearby that he was out with work at Cardiff University.

With that, what I now know to be the man's colleague came over with a small prototype in his hand. And can you believe that the team we had gotten speaking to, turned out to be the inventors of the non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device that's in the process of being developed for people with diabetes that I had been reading about on the news a few months previously! The device works, as I understand it, by using microwaves to detect the levels of glucose in the blood without the need to be connected via a needle into the wearer. Instead it just sticks and sits on the skin. The device is in its initial stages, but Ros and I have been kindly invited to visit the laboratory where its being made this Friday, so I look forward to telling you more about it then.

Fellow Type 1s and the Cardiff University Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Team


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