Talking New Welsh Diabetes Report on BBC Radio Wales

Today the Welsh government released a report on the state of diabetes in Wales, and I was invited onto BBC Radio Wales to talk about my real-life experiences of living with the condition for the past 16 years.

The report on diabetes made for interesting reading, as it discussed data on the condition in comparison to last year's report. Since 2015 to 2016, the report suggested that type 1 diabetes results amongst children have improved by 10% in terms of blood glucose levels in range. This is importance because we know that research suggests that good blood glucose levels can help reduce the risk of complications in later life. Furthermore to paediatric care, the amount of children with glucose levels within the higher ranges have decreased.

When speaking about the headline on the Good Morning Wales radio show, I spoke about the impact of technology on managing the condition. Although not available to all yet. whilst I hope that it will be, diabetes tech such as having an insulin pump, using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and now being able to see my blood glucose levels on my mobile phone screen has revolutionised the way that  I manage my care. Whilst actual blood glucose testing is reliable and helpful, it offers a snapshot in time, like a photograph, in some ways of what's going on in the body. Whereas CGM is more like a video of what's been happening and also the direction in which things are moving.

It's very positive that the treatment of diabetes is showing improvements in Wales, however, we're not quite there yet.


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