Training Run 1 and Done

Yesterday I was inspired to get on with my first half marathon training run after watching my husband and my friends go out in the Cardiff Bay 10k. It was a particularly short run just because I didn't get out until the evening and the sun was starting to go down. But gosh was it worth it to see the sun setting over the brow of a hill when I was on my run back home!

At the start of the run my blood glucose levels were slightly elevated at 13.0mmol/l, having enjoyed Sunday lunch a few hours earlier. But this was a learning opportunity for me to see if a half an hour run was possible without a temporary basal. What I thought I was going to see was a sharp drop during the run, so kept an eye on CGM and tested as soon as I finished. But I was pleasantly surprised, finishing on 7.8mmol as I crossed the finish line to home.

However, it was a bit to good to be true because despite having a good tea containing carbs, protein and fats for sustained and slower digestion. The pump suspended before low in the later evening because of the lack of reduced basal I think, during the run. But this is exactly the point of training, to find out how my body responds to a new type of running and to discover how my diabetes is going to behave ahead of race day in June.


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