Novo Nordisk Meal Time Academy Workshop

This weekend it was an honour to be invited to Copenhagen to participate in the Novo Nordisk Disease Experience Expert Panel (DEEP). The Meal Time Academy Workshop event was held at the Novo Nordisk Head Quarters, which were amazing to visit and filled with diabetes inspired art work and architecture. Including the reception area ceiling, that was inspired by the molecules of the insulin that the company makes.

In attendance at the event was a great mixture of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, care-givers of children and care-givers of older adults, participants living with diabetes a variable amount of time and whom had travelled from all around the globe to be there from the UAE and the United States to the UK and Europe. The workshop was an incredible opportunity to share and reflect on our varying and similar experiences around managing diabetes at meal times.

During the morning session, we discussed the homework that we had brought with us on how we feel physically and mentally around meal times. Which was so interesting, because on the surface, it's easy to think of eating as a very physical act. But with diabetes, it's so much more complicated than that because there's so much to think about and consider, in the past, present and future. And of course we also had the opportunity to sit down and eat a meal together, people with diabetes and the Novo Nordisk team.

Discovering 'Danish Gold' Potatoes

In the afternoon we worked on creating ideas for resources for people with diabetes. I worked with the wonderful Phyllisa who has type 2 diabetes and lives in the UAE, on how best and what type of information to provide for people with diabetes considering physical activity. The diabetes world really is a small one and Phyllisa and I couldn't believe how much we had in common, including her getting engaged in my home town. We then fed back to the group as a whole, so that the concepts could be constructively evaluated and developed further and hopefully in time, these ideas might become a reality for the diabetes community.

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