Boots FREE risk assessment could save lives

Ironically today whilst collecting my prescription for blood testing strips I noticed this display located in the Boots in Cardiff Queen Street I visited.

In Wales statistics have shown that newly diagnosed cases of Diabetes have risen during 2006-2012 from 125,000 people to a 160, 000 (thats half the population of Cardiff to put it in perspective).
It is also believed that potentially 66,000 people have the condition and are unaware. In this case however, ignorance is not bliss. Because in the long term not being diagnosed can lead to serious complications such as amputation, strokes, blindness and even kidney failure.

So for those reasons alone it's a fantastic opportunity that Boots offering to find out about whether you have Type 2 Diabetes. Because suffering in silence with symptoms such as increased thirst and frequently going to the toilet is not the way forward.

As a Type 1 diabetic myself I know that the condition is manageable so I hope others can find out the same too by going and getting tested!

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