Fun Run at Parkrun for Runners in Cardiff

This morning I went along to support my family at Parkrun. A fantastic volunteer run event that happens accross the country every Saturday morning. Today over 400+ runners of all ages and abilities met at a predetermined point, at one of the most scenic parts of the Taff trail in Cardiff. And at 9am sharp all set off along a 5km route in a loop around the park- taking in views of the river, Cardiff castle and Blackweir bridge.
Before setting off each runner registers at home, and prints off a barcode that they then run with. Everyone sets off on the run together at the same time. Along a route lined with volunteers clapping, wooping and supporting every runner along. And when each runner finishes, their given a tag that's scanned along with their barcode. So that their time can be put up online later on in the day.
As a veteran to athletic/ running events myself, I think this is one of the most well organised and well supported events I've attended. The atmosphere is fantastic and the age range and varied abilities of each runner, child and wheelchair user is astounding.
Running is a fantastic way for all people with or without to stay fit and healthy. For people with diabetes it's a great way to keep weight down, blood sugars consistant and elevate their feeling of general well being. So get involved and use the link below to sign up here...


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