Take Your Marks and Get Set for Great Performance in Footcare with 'Protect It Socks'!

As people with Diabetes most of us know that not looking after our blood sugars now, and going for regular checks with the GP can often lead to complications in later life. But do we actually know that these complications can mean damage to our hands and feet, sometimes even amputation? As we saw in the blog article about Ranulph Fiennes, this is when having diabetes can really stop us doing things.
As an international sprinter and a type 1 diabetic, it's absolutely imperative that I look after my feet. So I can train, compete and go about my daily life without having to worry. So recently I've been trying out Protect it socks- a medical sock made especially for diabetics. A bit of research has shown me that the socks are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odour- which is great because during sport your feet do tend to sweat. And who wants any of those things to contend with, let alone the competition. I also find that they fit really well inside my running spike, without bunching up and causing irritation.
They keep you're feet cool and ventilated during exercise. So for non-diabetics don't be afraid to give them a go and make them part of your training kit. In my experience many fellow athletes wear their spikes with bare feet, as the design of the shoe is can be quite streamlined. But this style fit perfectly. I think that if making one small change to foot care now, could save some of the complications associated with diabetes in the future. Then they're sure worth a try!

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