Pumper Parents Support their Child in a New Way

On the internet the other day I discovered this photo of two parents with their child who has diabetes. And although it's a slightly more extreme method of supporting their child, it completely embodied (excuse the pun) how much parents of children with the condition do. And also how much they have to understand not just the medical/physical side of the condition, but also the psychological side as well.

As it says in the caption- their little boy was left feeling down about being the 'odd one out' with a pump. Hence why his parents got the tattoos and to have a pump became the norm in their family.

How many of us with diabetes have felt different/left out/ isolated because of the condition? This was one of the many differences I struggled with myself when I swapped from doing injections to having a pump. Whilst on injections- as soon as you put the pen away, in my mind anyway I stopped being a diabetic and went back to being me.

However, as you have to wear an insulin pump 24 hours a day. Usually during what ever activity you're participating in whether it be exercise, socoalising or sleeping. It's there as a constant reminder of your diabetes.

Although eventually I genuinely feel that the positives of having a pump do outweight the negatives. I couldn't imagine living without it now and going back onto injections. So when he's older I hope the little boy in the picture realises how lucky he is, not only to have such supportive parents. But to have a life-saving device he gets to carry with him everywhere.


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